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          节能环保和新能源是国家战略新兴产业,十九大为其在新时代发展指明了方向。广东开能环保能源有限公司(简称广东开能)是致力于该新兴产业做强做大的国家高新技术企业,以“低碳高效 绿色梦想”为追求,努力实现“锦天绣地 至美蓝图”的目标。
          首先,我们要加快企业战略转型,以“做优质项目、做精品工程、做品牌企业”为战略发展方向,精心打造经营管理和专业技术核心团队,本着“创新自强 厚德诚信”的精神,推动节能环保技术和新能源技术的创新与应用,推进企业持续、健康发展。

      董事长  宋纪元          

      Speech from Chairman of Board

          Energy saving and environmental protection and new energy are strategic new industries of the nation, whose development direction in new era was lit up in The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Guangdong Kaineng Environmental Protection and Energy Co., Ltd (Guangdong Kaineng for short)is a high-tech enterprise aiming at being larger and stronger in this new industry, pursuing “low carbon and high efficiency, green dreams”, trying to achieve the goal of splendid world and perfect blueprint.
          Fulfill our mission and follow the trend. We must seize the opportunity that the state attaches great importance to the development of environmental protection, combining the requirement of "13th Five-Year Plan" Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industry Development Plan, to implement and refine the industrial waste heat, pressure or energy  with energy management advantage in the energy saving business, to expand the operation scale, and achieve rolling development. At the same time, we must expand our business in solid waste disposal, dangerous waste disposal, urban garbage power generation, sludge treatment, biomass cogeneration and distributed energy and other fields.
          To achieve the mission of “becoming a domestic top-ranking and technological innovation driving investing operator in the field of energy saving and new energy”, we must:
          First of all, we must accelerate strategic transformation in the direction of “high quality, quality engineering, and brand enterprise”. In the spirit of “innovation and self improvement, integrity and good faith”, we are elaborately building a core team of operation management and professional technology, trying to promote the innovation and application of energy saving, environmental protection and new energy technology, pushing forward the sustainable and healthy development of our enterprise.
          Secondly, we must actively promote the combination between industry and finance to reach the marketization of capital. The huge capital demand in the field of energy saving, environmental protection and new energy of Guangdong Kaineng would be satisfied through different kinds of financing methods such as project financing, environmental merger and acquisition fund.
          Thirdly, we must take our own advantages, integrate superior resources, focus on main business, explore deeply to get larger and stronger, to gain a firm foothold in environmental protection and waste industry, to move forward stably, and to become the top enterprise in environmental protection and waste industry in 5 to 10 years.
          The sky gets blue and the wind gets refreshing. Everything is back to what it used to be. We must seize historic opportunity to make every efforts to innovate, continually extend our industry chain in length wise direction, gather industry factor resources in width wise direction, keep exploiting and developing in solid waste disposal, cogeneration, distributed energy sources. We must improve our core competitiveness to serve our customers whole-heartedly, offer plans, create value and a win-win situation with our excellent engineer and technology experience and profound culture and brand connotation, so as  to make contributions to blue sky and clear water. 
      Guangdong Kaineng Environmental Protection and Energy Co., Ltd    
      Chairman of the Board     Song Jiyuan          


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